Saturday, October 21, 2006

Jacaranda-palooza, part 7

Happy Wow-the-Sky-is-Hazy Day (otherwise known as the day after July 4th).

Pulling the jacaranda photographing project (see the last week and a half's postings if you haven't already) into the topical (yesterday's festivities), we begin today's pictures with one including fireworks.

You're thinking, Cool fireworks, but where's the jacaranda? It's the silhouetted tree at the right edge of the shot, at a block party in Inglewood.

Lining Santa Monica Boulevard in front of these buildings in Westwood, it's... well, you know.

[Go ahead. Click on the images. You know you want to.]

(That's right! A complete posting of jacaranda shots where none were taken in Long Beach or downtown L.A.! I do get around.)

Continued (but not much longer) in part 8...

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